kojipro  The announcement has gamers excited in that this new partnership will allow him to persue other new ventures and possibly revisit abandoned projects. Namely the ever so popular and creepy P.T. that briefly made it's presence known on the PS4 as a proof of concept to a new Silent Hill game. Although since Konami tightly holds the copyright on the franchise, that's not to stop the new team from forming a new game with a horror master. The ideas on new projects are exciting, perhaps even revisiting a stealth action type of game outside of the scope of Snakes. Click the "Read More" button for a video.Kojima Productions Has Been RebornThanks to the lift on his moratorium from Konami, Hideo Kojima has come forward with the announcement that his studio has been reformed outside of the influence of folks who would use his vision for Pachinko based gambling machines. The announcement comes with another bonus as he and quite a few other former members of the Kojima Productions team are working on a PS4 exclusive.